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Is there really a need to introduce IPL? The Indian Premier League is one of the most anticipated and one of the most popular T20 cricket tournaments of all times! Now that the Season 14 of IPL is just around the corner, let’s have a glance of the years passed with IPL. 

Last year, in 2020, hardcore cricket fans were worried if the IPL would take place or not due to the pandemic. But the BCCI came to their rescue by conducting the IPL amidst the pandemic as a rescue for all the cricket lovers! Let’s see if this year too, the BCCI maintains its mark of entertainment for the loyal dedicated audience of cricket or to be more specific – IPL Fans.

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IPL 2021 Schedule

This year 2021, IPL is to be scheduled between 9th April 2021 – 30th May 2021. Just like every year, this season too will begin with the match between the finalists of the previous year. And with that saying, the first match of IPL 2021 Season 14 will be between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). below is the schedule for IPL 2021 Season 14:

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IPL 2021 Schedule 1

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DateDay Time Teams
9th AprilFriday6:00AM (PT)MI v/s RCB
10th AprilSaturday6:00AM (PT)CSK v/s DC
11th AprilSunday6:00AM (PT)SRH v/s KKR
12th AprilMonday6:00AM (PT)RR v/s KXIP
13th AprilTuesday6:00AM (PT)KKR v/s MI
14th AprilWednesday6:00AM (PT)SRH v/s RCB
15th AprilThursday6:00AM (PT)RR v/s DC
16th AprilFriday6:00AM (PT)KXIP v/s CSK
17th AprilSaturday6:00AM (PT)MI v/s SRH
18th AprilSunday2:00AM (PT)RCB v/s KKR
18th AprilSunday6:00AM (PT)DC v/s KXIP
19th AprilMonday6:00AM (PT)CSK v/s RR
20th AprilTuesday6:00AM (PT)DC v/s MI
21st AprilWednesday2:00AM (PT)KXIP v/s SRH
21st AprilWednesday6:00AM (PT)KKR v/s CSK
22nd AprilThursday6:00AM (PT)RCB v/s RR
23rd AprilFriday6:00AM (PT)KXIP v/s MI
24th AprilSaturday6:00AM (PT)RR v/s KKR
25th AprilSunday2:00AM (PT)CSK v/s RCB
25th AprilSunday6:00AM (PT)SRH v/s DC
26th AprilMonday6:00AM (PT)KXIP v/s KKR
27th AprilTuesday6:00AM (PT)DC v/s RCB
28th AprilWednesday6:00AM (PT)CSK v/s SRH
29th AprilThursday2:00AM (PT)MI v/s RR
29th AprilThursday6:00AM (PT)DC v/s KKR
30th AprilFriday6:00AM (PT)KXIP v’s RCB
1st MaySaturday6:00AM (PT)MI v’s CSK
2nd MaySunday2:00AM (PT)RR v/s SRH
2nd MaySunday6:00AM (PT)KXIP v/s DC
3r MayMonday6:00AM (PT)KKR v/s RCB

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